Nelly, an 8 year old girl,

suffers from a craniofaringiom which is a benign brain tumor. This tumor is unfortunately growing and has a negative impact on the hormone system. She has undergone surgery already twice and as a result of the surgery she turned blind. This is because the tumor was very close to the optic nerve.


Before her surgery Nelly went to school in Salinas. Unfotunately this is not possible anymore, since she depends totally on her Mom. She lives in San Vincente with her parents and her sibblings. San Vincente is a small village near Salinas. It takes 1,5 hours to walk to Salinas. San Vicente has electrical power but no running water.


Nelly`s parents have no permanent work. Her mother knits woolen pullovers to earn a little money and her Dad takes on temporary jobs. In order to pay for the surgery and the expensive follow up, her family had to take a loan.


Nelly now attends a school for the blind in Guaranda on Saturdays and Sundays. There are no school fees. Nelly`s parents only have to pay the transportation expenses.

Nelly with her family

Nelly with her mother
Nelly with her new bag from Germany
Joselin and Nelly
Jefferson 9 years
Joel 3 years
Joselin 6 and Brigit 5
Nelly with her bothers

Nellys home in San Vicente

San Vicente
the new house
the old house
before the house
childrens room