We gladly welcome your support in any form:

  • Membership to our organization
  • Sponsorship
  • One-time monetary donations
  • Aiding self-help
  • Donations of clothing

Become a member

A monthly fee of 5.00 EUR gives you an official membership to Andenkinder organization. As a member you actively take part in projects and have the opportunity to introduce new ideas. 

Become a member


The following projects benefit from your membership:

  • Physical examinations and operations
  • Visits to the Dentist
  • Purchases of pharmaceutical
  • Monthly support to families in need or single-parent families
  • Financial aid for loan installments
  • Purchase of cloths, school uniforms, shoes, etc. for children 


You can sponsor a child for just 20.00 EUR a month to give them a more stable environment to develop and support their heath care. 


We regularly offer informations about the heath and development of the sponsored children and his/her family. You are welcome to visit and get to know your sponsored child personally or communicate by mail at any time. 


Long-lasting improvements to a child´s environment strengthen his/her developmant - a gift your aid can bring. 

Become a godparent




One-time donations

If you want to help without a binding commitment, individual donations made periodically or even just once, are also very helpful. These donations can be used for the smaller projects for which we always need help.  

One-time donations

Aiding self-help

Third-world, fair-trade and Latino stores can aid the self-help initiatives of Salinas by selling hand-knitted wool items and baskets made of Anden gras at fair prices in their store. Please let us know if you are interested and we will help arange the contacts. 


Donations of clothing

We gladly accept all types of clothing but please keep in mind that Ecuadorians are fairly short and thin. Clothing for children and women are especially needed as are children´s shoes and toys. Unfortunately, I cannot send 20 kg parcels any longer since the customs duties have rise to 700% equvalent to $340 customs duties.