Marco´s parents are currently visiting several neurologists with Marco to conduct different examinations to find out if there is a possibility to heal his paralysis. One possible therapy is to apply a shunt but it is not sure if it will bring along an improvementwith it for Marco. The problem is, Marco´s parents already spend a lot of money on questionable therapies. Also the additonal nutrition they bought in the past was highly overpriced. On-site we managed to find a reaonable priced additional nutrition that he gets from now on.


After we get the examination records we want to find out how to help Marco accuratly. It would be nice to allow him a daily physiotherapy and to further instruct his mother.


Help for Marco


Marco Cadena Punin was born on November 8th, 2000


Parents : Enriqueta Punina (36 years) Cesar Cadena (37 years)


On January 20th 2000 Marco had a car accident. After the accident and the impact to his head he could not move anymore. Some of his ribs were broken and his whole body was swollen. All he could do on his own is move his eyes and breathe. Since a while he starts moving his hand. He can swallow and ingest liquid food. He needs diapers ans is mainly in bed. He cannot walk and sits in a wheel chair.


His parents went with him to the hospital in Quito and they were told it could take up to 3 years until he will get better or die. Afterwards his parents took him home and tried to help him with vitamins and maca. They had help from an american lady who recommended them natural remedy. In the beginning they thought Marcos situation improved but it came out it did not. Now they would like to enlist a specialists assistance.


The family has an own house and 100m² property. The pastor of Salinas donated goods from Salinas in order to make it possible for the family to open a little shop in their village and sell products. They own 100m² of land on which they mow the gras every 3 month to sell it. They do not have animals because nobody could look after them.






Marco in his bed
Marco with his parents
In front of his house